A copywriter introducing herself with a borrowed quote? Not a sign of creative anemia, but a deliberate choice! Because picking Albert Einsteins brain is always a good idea :) And ‘Creativity Is Intelligence Having Fun’ is a spot-on quote that reflects the unique selling points of Mrsalwayswrite a.k.a. Ilse Vlastuin, freelance copywriter specialised in fashion en design – surprisingly well.

  • Creativity. Storytelling with a creative approach; respecting the brand’s dna, yet adding a refreshing twist.
  • Intelligence. Relevant knowledge of fashion, style and product – dished out in a refined balance between ‘need to know’ en ‘nice to know’.
  • Fun. A writing style that transforms information into ‘infotainment’. SEO rules do not exclude striking content.

Long copy, short copy, product descriptions, brochures, blogposts, press releases; find out how creative copywriting for fashion & more by Mrsalwayswrite can make a difference!